What we do

Lotus Research offers qualitative and quantitative research to the commercial and voluntary sectors. We uncover the insights that you need from your customers, stakeholders and service users. With 15 years in the research business and a wealth of experience with some of the biggest names in the corporate and charity worlds, we ensure that you get clear, detailed, actionable findings from the right people – on target and on time.

We work completely flexibly and design every project from scratch, in the belief that no client deserves an off-the-shelf product. From in-depth, creative group discussions to psychologically probing individual interviews; and from statistically robust feedback with large samples to fast-turnaround online polls, we always offer the best approach to meet your insight needs.

If you want to work with a people-focused research business that’s in touch with the general public and at home in the boardroom, please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements.